2018 First Round of 2nd SINGHA-SAT ThaiLPGA: Suksukont’s leading is out of reach

On April 4 at Prachinburi, Thailand

Renuka Suksukont fires seven under-par 65 to start off the tournament at Kabinburi Sport Club.

She spare no mercy with 7 birdies and an absence of bogie, she left 3 strokes for the rest to work on.

Following by Pavarisa Yoktuan who shots four under-pars 68.

While highest performance of amateur golfer is  Ruksiri Sitradatanisorn. She scores an under-pars 71 and join the twelveth with another 10 players.

For the second round, tee-off is beginning at 7am and finishing by 9am. At the end of the day, player from top 1 to 40 and tied will play in the final. Therefore, whoever exceeds sixteen over-pars is immediately cut out.