2018 First Round of 4th THAILPGA-SAT: 15 years-old top the opening round

On May 1 at Hua Hin, Prajuab Kirikhan province, Thailand

Arpichaya Yubol

Arpichaya Yubol swings an even-par 72 to lead the round at Royal Hua Hin Golf Course. 

Yubol stated:

“I am satisfied with my weight and putts. Therefore, the course is rather moist like where I used to practice. Such as the way the ball drop and run further. I’m sticking with my plan by staying in square par and an under-par minimum. I found a trick which I will collect free-forth line, then 2 driver shot to get  “

The youngest of ThaiLPGA professional collects 4 birdies from hole 1,7,9 and 11. Therefore, the 15 years-old is after by 5 players with a slim stroke behind (an over-par 73). Those players are Aunchisa Utama (38-35), Chakansim Khamborn  (37-36), Kusuma Meechai (36-37),  Paulinee Del Rosario (36-37), and Wannasiri Sirisampant (37-36). The game can be twist any now and then.

Kusuma Meechai


Paulinee Del Rosario


Chakansim Khamborn


Wannasiri Sirisampant


Aunchisa Utama


For amateur, Ruksiri Sitradatanisorn shot 2 under-pars 74 (36-38) and tied at seventh with 3 career players.


Ruksiri Sitradatanisorn





For the semi-final round, the leader group consists of: Arpichaya Yubol; Aunchisa Utama ; Chakansim Khamborn.
 Their tee-off will be at hole 1 @9am.