2018 Preview Ladies European Thailand Championship: Introducing to 3 Thai players

Introducing to 3 Thai players in this Ladies European Thailand Championship on this upcoming June 21 to 24.


Saranporn Langkulgasettrin


“Majority, I was playing in CLPGA. I think the biggest differences are weather condition and atmosphere. Therefore, audiences are lovely and supportive”


Preparation: “I would say a massive amount of driver shots. In my opinion, it’s a great training for awareness and concentration.”

Aim: “Playing with my pace. Be myself, the relax and enjoyable one.”

Life time goal: “Support my family and make them live comfortably. Alongside, I want to spread this loving to people who have a big dream but cannot access the well-being.”

Idol: “Nayeon Choi. I fell in love with her since I started to play.”

To your fans: “Hi guys, please do come and bring everyone. Your support energize us. ”


Wannasiri Sirisampant


“Now, I participates CLPGA tour because it’s affect my world ranking. Also they do have multiple co-sanction match with LPGA or European Tour where definitely enlarge my opportunities.”


Preparation: “Practice and train, I’m working hard to improve myself lately. Then, full discipline rest.”

Aim: “Strictly play my plan and make the best out of it”

Life time goal: “Live on my family’s happiness without harming other”

Idol: “Ms.59, Annika Sorenstam”

To your fans: “You are not only my support but every Thais in this competition. Thank you in advance for coming.



Arpichaya Yubol


Preparation: “I feel like I’m so well-prepared for this tournament. After previous ThaiLPGA tournaments, I practices hard continuously. For this match, I plan thoroughly with my caddie, my father.

Aim: “This is my first time to enrol for such a big match. I’m excited, in a good way, I know I will have fun with my full potential. I’m aiming high to closed within top 10. I want to challenge myself by reaching these frontrow players.”

Life time goal:Having a house where have a huge back garden for home-grow vegetables and fruits. And I hope I can have cozy restaurant nearby.

Idol: “Moriya, Ariya Jutanugarn, and Tiger Woods”

To your fans: “Do come! I appreciate every support. Thank you!”