2018 Semi-Final of 2nd SINGHA-SAT: Leader had change, so the game had

On April 5 at Prachinburi, Thailand

Kamonwan Lueamsri leads teh second round of 2nd SINGHA-SAT

The game still not over and chance had arrived. Despite 3 strokes gap had made, Renuka Suksukont filled it up with six under-pars 73. 

She could bring out yesterday condition. Hence, she is now tied at third with six under-par 138.

Renuka Suksukont

Now, Kamonwan Lueamsri grabs the chance and leads with eight under-pars 136 (69-67).  The SINGHA Master champion collected another five under-pars today. While,  Pavarisa Yoktuan still hold the runner-up real tight with a stroke behind.

Pavarisa Yoktuan